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Originally Posted by seekritdude View Post
Larionov in that time period was getting selke and heart trophy votes
As a Shark in 1994. Fedorov never played for the Sharks at any point, and certainly not in 1994.

while not even playing full seasons... Was zhamnov???
That's not a fair comparison; in 1994-95 (Zhamnov's big year) the voting was conducted in two stages, with each conference having three finalists nominated and then the awards being voted upon from those six finalists. Zhamnov was behind Paul Coffey (58 points from a defenseman, top ten in scoring), Theoren Fleury (58 points, physical, defensively solid), and Brett Hull (not sure why Hull ended up ahead of him.) Much in the same way that Joe Sakic (scoring leader and captain of the Nordiques, who had a significant turnaround from bottom feeder to best team in the league) and Peter Bondra (1st in goals) were not in the East's three nominees. Hull didn't even get a vote in the final round - he officially finished 6th only from the fact that he was a "West nominee".

Oh he had some lady byng but larionov also did. Again this no knock on zhamnov as he was ****ing awesome in that lock out year. But he was not a better overall player then larionov durning this time period. Which you said 94-to 96.
I said none of Fedorov's linemates were better when they were on Fedorov's line than Zhamnov was when he played with Selanne, which is 93-94 through 95-96. Larionov certainly doesn't fit that bill.

Zhamnov was actually better THAN SELANNE for the first two years; Selanne only takes the title for the entire period because he scored like a madman during his last half-season in Winnipeg. And IMHO, part of that is because Zhamnov played a more responsible defensive style - much more similar to Larionov's than he was credited with.

Larionov prooved how good he was by being the best player those 94 playoffs till the sharks got knocked out. He out played a heart trophy fedorov when the sharks beat the wings.. Also umm ok who ever lived in michigan in the 90s please raise your hand *slowly does* I dunno what games you guys were watching but Larionov mainly played on the russian 5 in that 95-96 year. In the playoffs that line was not played as regularly. But in the regular season. Yea that was the main line he played on.
That unit didn't play together nearly as often in the regular season nearly as often as you are suggesting. At most it was half of Fedorov's time, and that includes the use of it on the PP. Fedorov was hitched to Kozlov as a linemate. But Brown played with them at ES at least as much as Larionov did. The "regular" RWs that year were Ciccarelli, McCarty, Brown, and Lapointe. Obviously with Bowman behind the bench, nobody's position was guaranteed, but that was the "typical" lineup.

And lets assume im wrong and I have alzheimers and didnt watch almost every wing game durning these years. If they only played part of the time with larionov who else did he play with then?
See above

Oh I forgot maybe one of the other amazing players the wings had?
He rarely played with Yzerman or Shanahan during the 90s; after Shanahan was acquired he played mostly with Yzerman, but also often with Larionov. Yzerman and Fedorov only played together for any significant time in 2001-02, and Yzerman (who played about half to 2/3 of the season) was at best equal to 93-96 Zhamnov at that point.

I still dont see how this is even a arguement which player played with better players. It seems so silly.
Fedorov played on a better team, but he didn't play with better linemates.

A comparable:

Pavel Datsyuk spent a long stretch this season playing with Daniel Cleary and Justin Abdelkader.
John Tavares plays with Matt Moulson and Brad Boyes.

Who's the better offensive player? Most on HF would pick Tavares this season.


Datsyuk has one fewer point in one fewer game. He is clearly on the better team, but he certainly hasn't had better linemates. Datsyuk is clearly having the better offensive season; he has a better PPG with a generally worse environment offensively over the course of the season.

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