Thread: Confirmed with Link: Oilers Sign Kale Kessy (ELC)
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04-06-2013, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
Having 20 contracts spots open next year isn't doing a good job?

Swing and a miss for the Oilers bloggers yet again.
Wow, that's not what they are talking about at all. Perhaps try to get your opinions on there arguments from the horses mouth and not based on a vauge comment. Most of the contract limit issues i've been hearing commented on have nothing to do with guys like Kessey but rather contracts to players like Abney, Ewanyk and Hordichuk. It's also been largely referenced in regards to this season and some issues they've had in the past. Last off season one could argue they made a poor decision to let a guy like Blain walk when a guy like Abney has a deal and Hordichuk was resigned, and it's a valid criticsm.

There has been some criticsm/concern in regards to the Reider for Kessey trade as it's become a theme for the Oilers to give up/pass up better talents for "truculance" (i.e. Moroz pick). Reider has also been the better junior up to this point. Kessey is doing well as an overager but it's hardly a sign of certain NHL potential. I don't care for the deal but i'm not in arms up over it either as we need size that can play and i'm fairly ignorant in regards to either player. But this has been the crux of the arguments most commonly found on the blogosphere.

Also you do know that there are many varied opinions on the blogs, just like HF, it's not as if it's some kind of hive mind institution (one could argue that a "hive mind" mentality is more analogous with HF). I don't understand the apprehension towards a group of people when it seems to have nothing to do with the actual opinions and arguments and more to do with association (i.e. "bloggers"). Your blanket statement and indifference to the actual content of their argument seems to suggest that you are bothered more by their association than their opinions, that's really too bad as you're missing out on a lot of interesting banter. It really seems like many on HFOil have a huge inferiority complex and i don't understand why it needs to persist (okay maybe i do a little, but i won't get into that...).

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