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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
That's absurd. Next you're going to say holding practices shows the coach has no faith in his players. Talking to them before the game shows no faith. Talking to them on the bench shows no faith.

You're mistaking displays of no faith, with coaching.

The only thing that's absurd about this conversation is somebody trying to justify using a timeout after an the first period.

Don't ever try to put words in my mouth. Stop with the straw man argument. I pointed to one thing that Torts does that is annoying. I backed it up with a reasonable argument. It Torts had faith in his players conditioning he wouldn't use the time out in the 1st period. I don't have the major hyperbole issues that most fans have with Torts. Don't try to paint this picture when you don't have any idea what I'm thinking or even talking about. Should I type slow so you understand? It's... not... coaching... when... you a. ..timeout.. for.. an....'s. ..during...another...more...important....part...of

Does that help you?



In the second period a team has the long change. It's smarter to keep that timeout in your pocket because the team will probably have to ice the puck during that period....It's smarter to save it for the 3rd period because a team may need it to rest guys for an important power play or down by a goal in the last minute of the game. Every minute is important but some minutes of a game are more important than others. Why don't teams use a timeout for the first power play of the game in the 1st period?

Wasting timeouts is something Torts does. It's has burned the Rangers in the past and will burn them again.

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