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12-28-2003, 07:07 AM
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I think when Esche can play a string of games without sitting. I think the players will respond to him in net. It seemed, last night in Colorado, the players were caught running around because they don't want to leave anything up to Hackett. This put them out of position on the last 2 goals by the 'lanche.

With Esche in net, I like their chances against ANY team in the league. The players may still try to do too much for Esche's sake but they probably won't be as unfocused as when Hackett is backstopping them, or not backstopping is probably more to the point.

Hitch made some lame excuse for Hackett the other day, saying he is a guy who is routine oriented and playing this much is taking him out of his "routine". Well, let him get his sitting and watching routine back on a daily basis.