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04-06-2013, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by NLHabsFan View Post
Love reading your lists and descriptions Montreal, appreciate your time and effort. I've been a big fan of Bennet since he was drafted. Thought he had a lot of potential, but was definitely a long term project. Figured he would need all 4 years in college (so would like to see him go back) and some AHL experience. But I find him strong in every aspect of the game. Smart player, great skater, good with the puck and without. My concern was always his size. He will need to improve his lower body strength to make an impact at the pro level. I believe his skating ability will keep him from getting punished physically though. Nice to hear he may be getting the C next season in the NCAA too. Thought he really stepped up as a leader there.
Thanks always good to hear. Assuming Bennett goes back to Michigan, hopefully he can add a little more mass/strength by the time the 2015 training camp gets under way. Should be very interesting to see how he adjusts to the AHL as he's got a lot of tools to work with. His coach talked about he was the leader on the defense this year before the injury so i'm not surprised to hear he's the C next year.

Originally Posted by Draft View Post
I think that is the best reply I've seen to a post, be it mine or otherwise since I started stalking HFBoards. Having lived in Saskatoon for most of this year I caught about half of the Blades games in person, several streamed Bulldogs games and only watched one streamed game with Bennett against Bowling Green, which after looking about seems to have been a poor indication of his skill level. Hudon I tracked mostly up until his injury at the WJC, kind of lost interest after that. So, obviously my sample size isn't quite what yours is. I will admit to not being a big fan of NCAA players. But I'll do my best to reply to your eloquent and well informed reply

-Seems to coast a lot when he isn't near the puck
-Makes too many poor decisions, seems to try and force plays. Makes the short term decision and not always the right one.
-Too focused on choosing between offensive and defensive responsibilities instead of just playing the game
-Don't feel he has the offensive skill to be a go-to guy in the pros and it doesn't seem he has the defensive awareness to make him a go-to guy in that regard

The biggest thing for me was that night after night he stood out negatively in the defensive zone and didn't deliver where it counted in the offensive zone (Especially being compared to Dietz). He's got a lot of tools to work with and who doesn't love the edge he usually plays with? I think he has the potential to be an NHL player but I would not feel comfortable ranking him above Louis Leblanc, a guy who proved that he was pro-ready before his injury. Having talked to a couple of guys closer to the team, I haven't heard the greatest things about him or his character, but I would argue these were pretty biased opinions, more about the coach than anything else. (Not that I presume to know the team, just went to a house party where some rumours were being thrown around)

I kept track of Nygren and Collberg pretty well all year through game recaps and a couple of live streams. I think you'd be very impressed with how well Nygren distributes and how well he controls the game. Very patient and very intelligent with and without the puck. I didn't feel his defensive ability really added or took away that much from his overall game. Not a liability, not a stalwart, just someone that can get the job done. Could be an Emelelin-like surprise in a couple years if and when he decides to come over.

Having only seen the one game of Bennett's, pretty sure he got injured in the game as well, and knowing how much you must have seen him, I can't say definitively how I feel about him. Your reasoning behind the ranking has been the best prospect write-up I've seen on him. Based on the one game I saw him play, I just don't feel he has the physical ability to get to the next level. Great skater but, I was very displeased with his defensive game and didn't feel his offensive potential was enough to make him a really good bet to play as a pro. Made mistakes and seemed shaky.

100% agree with you on Beaulieu, very excited to see how he turns out re: his defence. Will either end up being a great two-way player or a MA Bergeron/Kaberle hybrid. (that's a rough comparison)

Now you've got me excited about Hudon, intrigued with Bennett, and a little down about Leblanc (though I still think he'll be a solid NHL player)
On Thrower I agree with the poor decisions which is a legit concern. I think that with his shot and grit it should be enough to make him end up a solid NHLer down the road but I also don't have a great feel for him yet and won't till he's in the AHL. Since you have seen him more then I, I'll keep your points in mind next time I see him play (M Cup), so thanks for the info.

I know a lot of people around here weren't very happy with his play this year but in many of the games i saw he wasn't that bad and usually did something of note in the offensive zone. I did notice repeat poor decisions with the puck in his own end so I can see that's going to need improvement but I have to wonder if something isn't wrong with the system he was in as the Blades looked flat out terrible in the playoffs and for a team that's hosting the Memorial Cup I thought they would be much more prepared instead they looked completely lost.

Since Nygren's season is over im hoping they can get him signed and to Hamilton for the last few games. Would like to get a look at him since he likely will be back in the SEL next season.

Bennett I think will be fine since he's got the wheels, smarts and skills to be a solid players. Usually he's pretty solid in his own end but his lack of strength can get him into trouble and he will have the odd turnover here and there. His offensive game is based on being able to move the puck quickly or rush it up ice quickly so he loves to jump into the play which is also going to haunt him from time to time. We'll see how the lack of size effects him in the AHL this time next year im guessing.

Originally Posted by CaptainIginla View Post
Perhaps, i'm guessing you have watched him a lot at North Dakota?

Originally Posted by Habaddict View Post
It's great to get an objective opinion on the progress of our prospects.
I really appreciate the amount of work that must go into this.

However I'm curious about Beaulieu. For "Montreal", or anyone who
watches him a lot this year. IIRC when he played in the Q, he was said
to have issues with his back-skating, and maybe pivots. Am I recalling
this correctly, and has he improved in this area? Or is it still a concern?
Thanks. Yes he still has issues with pivots but for the most part his skating is fine. I'd actually like to see him improve a good bit with lower body strength as he has the frame to be a lot more powerfull as he starts to fill out more over the next few years.

Originally Posted by Westcoasthabsfan View Post
I enjoyed the read, with the upcoming draft hope to add a few more pieces to the puzzle
thanks, the draft should get us several more pieces since we should be well positioned assuming no picks are traded on draft day. Should be very exciting to see what Timmins and his staff can scoop up with those extra picks.

Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
Close but you made a few errors. No problem I re-did them for you.
How kind of you, i'm glad there's an expert in the house.

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