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04-06-2013, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by ToastCharger View Post
Wow. That guy looks like he'll become something really good. Makes me realize that I probably got a little over excited by the guy I found. Ah well, guess I'll learn with some more experience.

Also, just a general question. I wanted to start a game with the Senators but for whatever reason they have two ECHL teams instead of an AHL affiliate as well, making it very difficult to handle the roster. Is there a way to fix this? Sorry if it was mentioned before, I just figured I may as well ask it now.
He'll probably become decent, yeah it just takes practice to noticing what kind of players usually end up good and which don't. One thing is I find college players generally have less rep than players in the Canadian junior program, so you can get a few of them in the 2nd/3rd round that are good.

I'm not sure what the original DB is like... I would think every NHL team would have an AHL affiliate but I know for the Devils in the 2012/2013 DB, they just have ECHL affiliates and yes, it is incredibly annoying but you can't do anything about it without editing the DB. What I would do, and what I will do before next using an updated roster is make more teams share AHL affiliates so I can at least have one AHL team to send guys down to cause it's annoying having to loan guys out, especially if they refuse to report.

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