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Originally Posted by Clock View Post
The point is that in Ruff's firing, Pegula has clearly demonstrated that he will fire (or allow to be fired) people in the hockey department, so pointing to that quote and saying "See? He's not going to can anyone!" is silly.
Originally Posted by SabresAreScaryGood View Post
I actually think firing Ruff is further proof Regier isn't getting fired. If you didn't like Regier, why wouldn't you fire both at the same time?

I thought they were a packaged deal. We found out they are not.
There were several reports suggesting that Regier may have been given an ultimatum on Ruff - either fire him or Regier would be let go with Ruff. Who really knows but I think the two were a packaged deal and that common business sense is that it's easier for coaches to take over mid-season than it is for a GM that has to oversee everything. I'm still hopeful that Regier doesn't have a free pass forever.

Originally Posted by sjci View Post
So now, does anyone think that this may increase/decrease the chance of Patrick Roy as the next coach?
The Grigorenko connection will be a compelling factor - and Roy's success with junior-level kids is going to neutralize any sales pitch associated with Rolston's "teaching" method of coaching. If the players on the ice will end up being mostly kids trying to establish themselves as NHL stars one day, there may be some marketing appear to a fiery coach like Roy with a household name in the NHL.

However, whether a pacifist like Regier would be willing to take on someone that could challenge and argue with him is a mystery. I think the WGR commentaries recently of how much Regier and Rolston resemble each other (in style, demeanor and appearance) are noteworthy.

Originally Posted by sjci View Post
I think the coaching position will now come down to Roy, Eakins, and Rolston with an outside shot
I wonder if Regier would consider James Patrick as an option and even another former assistant coach he knows: Mike Ramsey. According to Bucky's recent column, Ramsey's motive for returning to Minnesota was centered on seeing his kids grow up but his son is apparently in college now.

Originally Posted by Squantosawuss View Post
Trusting Darcy with a rebuild is nuts.
Normally, I don't like Howard Simon's sensationalism or softball-style interviews but I give him full marks for confronting Black on the Regier situation. When Simon asked Black to confirm that the the man, who previously built a failed team's foundation, is being asked to now build a new one, Black said "yes" - to which Simon right away asked, "why?".

I wasn't impressed with Black's attempt at humility in saying, "everyone makes mistakes, including me. No one's perfect, yada, yada...."

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