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Originally Posted by GoodRoots View Post
We all know Bob as to build a cup contender for the 100th. If we take a look on the past winning teams roster it's easy to see that the most important players are the #1 center, the goalie and the #2 center. Now if we analyse habs 2006/2007 roster and prospects, I think we already have 2/3, #2 centers (plecks, Higgins or Chip) and the goalie (Price), the question mark is the #1 center. Will Koivu make it to 2009 as the #1 center?? I'm not sure, this guy is so unlucky.

My point is : we will badly need a #1 center and I want you guys to tell me what would you try to do if you were Bob Gainey??

For me I think i would try everything to get a promising center prospect or a really good first overall pick THIS YEAR, sacrifying a playoff spot if I had to...

I know it's prematured but what do you think ???

PS sorry for my bad english

Don't worry about your english if your post is good enough to strike at the heart of the Habs most urgent dilemma. It is much better to read that then a post written in perfect english that expresses nothing of relevance.

We have lots of talent on the wing but no 1-2 centres for the long term (except Koivu, whose long term health remains uncertain). It is for this exact reason that Michael Ryder is an expendable player. Danis, Halak and Aebischer all have the potential to be number one goaltenders of varying importance so they may also be good trade bait.

Of course I prefer the draft but it is unlikely that a 2007 draft pick will be ready for 1st-2nd line duties by the 2008-2009 season. I fear that we have run out of time to go the draft route.

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