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04-06-2013, 09:32 PM
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Fact is, Sidney Crosby is a player no one in this league can answer for. Because they cannot answer for him, they need to come up with other reasons why their team lost. We have never played the Rangers where their fans conceded that they lost to a better team. Never happened, and never will. They are a bunch of self entitled, pompous, arrogant, and ignorant people. I went to school with a ton of them, and they are all the same. Same goes with Philly fans. Some of my dearest friends are from Philly and when we play them on the ice, all logic, reason, and level headedness goes out the window with them. It's incredible. They really do wear orange and black glasses, and everything that happens in the game is a slight to their team.

This all stems from jealousy, regardless of what other fanbases want to say. That's all it is. We have something no one else has, and just like everything in life, when you have something no one else has, you always want it and there's just a slight bit of resentment/jealousy because you don't got it.

****'em. That's how I approach things. The hilarity of all of this is, I'm a fan of both the Flames and the Oilers, and for years, some Flames fans would talk down on Pittsburgh because we rebuilt. "Oh, we don't need to rebuild, that's not how you play the game." Orly? I think they are finally seeing now, it's way more efficient to blow the ***** back to the studs and start all over again. It's quicker, more economical, and a little less painful.

Did we get lucky? Without a damn question, and our luck is where 99.9999% of the jealousy comes from. We've drafted Lemieux, Jagr, Malkin, and Crosby in the 1st round. Most teams will never draft that type of talent in the 1st round...ever. We have housed more scoring champions in the last 30 years than any team. We have iced more MVP's than any NHL team in the last 30 years. People have a reason to hate. Water off a duck's back. Let'em hate. Just fuels the fire for the boys who play the game.

Think about hollow is a knock on a player that he whines too much to the refs? I mean...that's all you got? Talk about grasping at straws.

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