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Originally Posted by DevilChuk View Post
I was referring to Kane getting off to a ridiculously impressive start as his team came out firing on all cylinders.. and having since cooled down (now just under a PPG).

If this was a full season, who knows where Kane would finish. He's playing great, but I'm not putting the same amount of stock in 48 games as I do in 82..

It's going to take more than a season and a half in the past 3 years to convince me that one player is better offensively than the other..

Tell me otherwise, please do. Because I don't get the "what have you done lately for me" close-minded mentality... so use logic to tell me that 1.5 seasons (not consecutive, mind you) >>> all other seasons.
So you picked a totally arbitrary game to start measuring from, and are trying to use that to illustrate a point about how you want Kane's production to have an asterisk because it won't last. Great. What's the huge thing that happened to Patrick Kane 27 games ago that caused this trend and how do you know it will continue on for the rest of the season, O Wise One?

That's precisely what I meant when you said you were piecing together games for Kane. You only want to count the trend from 27 games ago, but not the trend of the whole season. You don't care about the trend since the point streak ended because it had some 3 point games. You're picking and choosing only the trends that agree with you, with no context at all, when the overall trend goes against you. Yet when people do this for Kovy over a timespan of years instead games, only then is it a problem.

As for your other point, present >>> past. Simple as that. We're talking about how these players match up today. What Kovy did 12 years ago isn't what Kovy does today (proof: today he plays on the PK) and what Kane did when he was 18 years old isn't what Kane's doing now at 24.

This is not some 1-year wonder. Not even a split 1.5 year wonder. This is a player that's always had elite potential growing into an elite player. If you don't want to believe that, I can't force you, but the stats bear it out no matter how you try to slice, dice, and dispute them.

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