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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Do you mean top 10 NHL players or top 10 Canadians?

I basically agree with you. I think there is a good argument that a 10th place finish before 1990 is closer to a 20th place finish after 1995 than it is to a 10th place finish after 1995. But I think the guys at the very top are outliers who aren't determined by the size of the overall talent pool.
What exactly is the very top and outliers though. There seems to be some agreement on Wayne and Mario but after that it gets cloudy.

With scoring being so important when discussing forwards and our upcoming top forwards project some discussion and understanding of top 5,10,20 finishes needs to take place or else I could see lists getting thrown out and not getting the proper discussion or time of day they might deserve.

Certain time periods, like the immediate expansion of the west and eastern teams in 68 and post 95 really stand out as where some of the immediate previous standards changed quite quickly.

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