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Originally Posted by Tampa Bay Trio View Post
When I watch the replay, the trajectory of the shot dips down and bounces off the ice right before it goes into the net. The shot itself was fluttering and not a "strong" shot from what I can see (it might have even taken a very small deflection off of Gudas' stick on the way in, but it's difficult to tell). In any game, if that shot is taken and the goalie sees it, it's a softie. So when I classify the goal as a softie, I'm not criticizing Bishop for allowing a soft goal, but that normally if that shot was taken and it goes in, that it would be considered a "soft goal" (if that helps to explain my perspective, I think a lot has been misinterpreted).

I never once said it Bishop's fault, since he couldn't see the puck.
But...he didn't see it. It's pretty clear he didn't see it since he didn't react to the puck coming in and he said he didn't see it at all. I still don't identify with your perspective but I suppose I understand what you're saying. Me understanding doesn't mean you're right though

And besides, my comment was mainly aimed toward Idealistic Sniper since he tends to take a pretty hostile approach to everyone on here, and then when people get tired of arguing with the wall he sarcastically declares himself the winner. This is a pretty consistent phenomenon.

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