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Steve Mason's Magical Journey through History

Our savior Steve Mason has had a long and glorious path throughout history.

It's said that at the moment of creation, god gave to our new savior Steve Mason

Steve Mason travelled the world and used many names throughout his lifetime. He had a brief stay in the area of Macedon leading great marches. He was known as Alex the Great at that time.

Much of his life for the next 1500 or so years has been lost to history, but recent documents show that he may have been known as King Henry VIII in the 16th century

He disappeared again for a few hundred years before being seen using the name George Patton. He once again led a great military force to great victories.

Mason is seen here giving his famous "We choose to go to the moon" speech

In his free time, he met with Nikita Krushchev

After choosing to go to the moon, he made the technological advanced to get there. Here he is seen with his crew from the moon landing

At the height of the Cold War, he demanded Mikhail Gorbachev tear down the Berlin wall

Last summer he won the Stanley Cup

This February, he won the Super Bowl

He recently stepped down as Pope to come save us.

Kim Jong Bryzgalov recently started causing problems around here

And we soon acquire our savior Steve Mason. Could all of this be coincidence? Maybe it's because I've been drinking, but I don't believe it is. All this points to Steve Mason saving the Flyers, the world, and the Universe.

Join the Church of Mason today while you still have a chance.

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