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04-07-2013, 03:03 AM
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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
First of all, it was ONE AHL team that had its name change after an affiliation shuffle, not two teams (The I-Stars and the Chops are the same team, that is).

Second of all, the I-Stars/Chops were never the primary affiliate of the Wild, and that might bring more people to the arena than the Dallas or Anaheim prospects did.

Third, a different management team can do wonders in a market that was not well exploited by poor ownership previously.

None of this is to say that a Wild AHL team in Des Moines would be a slam dunk -- there is the real effect of the entrenched fan base for the Buccaneers, that's true -- but to dismiss it out of hand simply because the I-Stars/Chops were horridly managed is to way oversimplify the situation. I can see why such a potential shift might appeal to some in the Wild's management. Which isn't to say that I think anything is a done deal.
The Stars had improved their attendance from year 1 to 2 if i recall correctly so I think AHL hockey could definitely work there.

Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
Beyond the scope of this forum, but has been discussed on the Business of Hockey Forum as about #4 on the list of potential US locations for expansion/relocation (after Seattle/Portland, Kansas City).

FTR, Bettman has said there are two requirements to become a "NHL city". First, to have NHL-caliber arena (IOW, 17k+ seating, luxury boxes) and second, to have fiscally-able owner (net work of probably $500m+). It doesn't hurt to have few major league team competitors in town, nor major college draws, and lots of potential corporate sponsors.
Bettman is lying sack of doody. The NHL financial requirements for owners is a joke. Barrie and company did not have it. Boots?? We can go on for a long time about how well the NHL has picked owners, or prospective owners (IEH, MH, GJ, etc.).

Originally Posted by WiscMNwildfan View Post
I would like to see the Houston Aeros move to Sioux Falls, Fargo, or Bismarck rather than Des Moines.
Need an arena that holds more than 4k. Not sure if any of those cities do..... Besides, Des Moines is just as close to MSP as those other cities.

Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
NO, Cornwall, the deal that involves Abbotsford to Utica as being proposed has nothing to do w/ Des Moines or the Aeros. you have to remember the prospective operator is former G Robert Esche, which is why Utica or Mohawk Valley is under consideration if the Flames and FVE each get compensated likely by Aquillini for Vancouver to enter Abbotsford w/ the current Rivermen franchise, they easily could've picked Des Moines after being blasted from Omaha.
No, they couldn't have picked Des Moines after Omaha. Calgary too their franchise and there was already one in Des Moines so what would Des Moines do with theirs? Sell it? To whom?.

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