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04-07-2013, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by egelband View Post
yup. it's much worse than a reactionary elbow. this guy had plenty of time to make the decision to charge del zotto. in my opinion, it's the charging that is ruining the game. players are taking whole shifts on the defensive side of the puck skating in full stride around the ice looking for opponents with their heads down. it's not hockey. it's disrespectful and unprofessional. it's a simple attempt to make the highlight reel with no regard for a fellow player and the game itself. there are a number of players in the league who do this and they need to be stopped. somehow the pens have about five or six of them. i hate this more than i hate the bad, situational reffing.
This is typical Penguins hockey. They'll get away with it this year because of the short season, but I expect next year some team will remind them that other teams can play dirty too. And then the Penguins will get a bootstomping like the one the Islanders gave them a few seasons back. Then Lemieux and Crosby will go on HNIC and cry like 4 year old twin baby girls and promise to leave hockey forever. In the meantime the Penguins players and coaches will be absolutely terrified, find Jesus and in a fugue of terror decide to play clean hockey again for a little while...

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