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Originally Posted by TheBigBadB View Post
Real easy, no identity..

The reason Lucic is a 6 million dollar player had nothing to do with his production and more to do with being the identity of this team. He hit hard, took on all comers, played with a chip on his shoulder and gave a blue worker effort every shift. He gave the bruins the identity of a hard to play against team. The team followed suit. As soon as he became a "scorer" the team emotional started to becoming indifferent in the way they play. Basically making it tougher to get mentally engaged in a game.

It can not be all pinned on Lucic though. Other players need to step up and be that identity guy. As you could see last night during that 6 on 4, there is no one that wants to be that guy on this team. This falls down to the captain as well. He should be screaming at his players on the bench, laying people out, stepping up and being a leader. He is playing like a follower as well. Its scary how complacent everyone is on this team.

So the question is when will they finally get emotional engaged, come out focus, and play with a chip on their shoulders again? The answer is when someone finally has had enough and finally steps up as a leader. Not for one shift, or one game. Someone that will do it consistently each game. Until then we are stuck with this team and its lack of identity.
The Habs are just a difficult style team for Lucic to play against. When he plays his game the reffs take him off the ice- see giving Plakanec a shove after getting slashed at. He knocked Emelin out of the game and helped set up Horton for a couple great chances. All things considered he didn't have a bad game last night. He needs to play with a little more confidence, and part of me wishes he'd take the Pronger approach- just take the penalties that go with your kind of play and eventually they'll stop calling them. As it is he's tentitive to go all out. Maybe a game or two on the third line would get him back to a straightforward game, but as it is he's one of the best two or three forwards that the team can ice right now.

Missing their #1 and #3 centers and losing 2-1 to one of the top teams in the league isn't neccisarily a cause for blowing anything up. Chia's been making changes in the last few weeks, it will be interesting to see what he does from here.

Jagr's been a sideshow to this point.

I just hope they get a handfull of games as a full roster before the playoffs to find their team game.

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