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04-07-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Duguay2 View Post
Look, I understand the whole superfan thing, but there is no other way but to be pragmatic about this.

I agree this team has been lacking, and I think we all understand that a very busy, condensed March had something to do with it. Also, facing the first serious injury of the season -- piled onto that.

Kellys injury unsettled a couple of lines and hurt possession play.

Peaking too early and hitting a malaise in late April is a much worse affliction IMO.

At the end of all that -- here's the good News;

*11 games left to get healthy and get in good rhythm
*Winning % as nearly as good as it was in the Stanley Cup Season

(points in over 70% of games played in both seasons)

I remind you of a very rough February in that season when this team lost 4 in a row including an 8-6 loss to the very same Montreal Canadiens.

Many people here had to be talked off the ledge.

People forget, and the media looking to quench the thirst of the Super-Fan over magnifies; resulting in mass hysteria if *everything* doesn't go according to perfect.

It is unreasonable.

I know this;

This team has just as good a chance as ANY to walk away with another Stanley Cup this season.

Go ahead and argue this point with me. That may be fun. Only time will tell if this is the team we saw earlier this year, or as of late. They have the potential for either, either or, or a combo of both.
It will be something to see this roster with the addition of Bergeron, Kelly, the Yeti and McQUaid. Cant wait to see what they can do.

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