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04-07-2013, 10:34 AM
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I strongly disagree that not moving big at the deadline was a mistake. In fact it was a pretty smart move. Plus, he got Drewiski for peanuts who, while not a world beater, will certainly alleviate the current losses of Diaz and Emelin.

Here's the point. If you want to stay on top for a long time under a salary cap structure, you need to draft and draft well, develop those picks and set a solid contract structure that allows you to have young players hitting their stride at a low price for a few seasons. Moreover, players groomed from within your organisation tend to cost less than UFAs, overall. In short, what you're after is good bang for your buck, at every position.

That's the theory anyway, and most of what Bergevin is doing is along these lines.

Moreover, Bergevin came in and assessed what he had. I believe he came to the conclusion that he had a glorious gem in his coffers, one that if used well can bring in a lot of success for our team for years and years. That gem is Trevor Timmins. So, why throw draft picks at opposing teams for rentals when you know that if you just keep them, you can hit homeruns almost every draft? Bergevin isn't blind. He sees the amount of Timmins drafted talent we currently have with us and he knows the following drafts are going to be strong ones. It's also why he put in so much effort in developping a solid farm coaching team to help bring those kids along. Whether the current team will be successful remains to be seen, but the players we saw coming from Hamilton this year seemed ready - not out of place at all. We can't just stop at Leblanc, and the team record, to assess their contribution.

Also, what was he supposed to do? Force the issue to look like bigger movers and better than the Pens? After so much hard work liberating salary for the 64 millions cap 2013-2014? No way. I'm guessing his thought was that it's useless to rush for the cup this year if we're a middle of the pack team for the next few years again. Especially since the Pens hit it so hard. So this year we go with what we have, and next year we come back stronger.

So I'd say he played it well. We still have Kaberle and Weber, as well as Tinordi and Beaulieu. Most teams don't have this luxury.

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