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04-07-2013, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by jcman View Post
Girardi will be the first D-man to leave this team.
I disagree.

Originally Posted by JayQueensNY88 View Post
Sorry to say it but Staal is expendable. I think it's more a fact .

everyone seems to just love Staal for one,he's a Staal and 2 he was one of the first pieces mainly on the backend Rangers used when they started a rebuild,so people seem to have a soft spot for him. move him while you can. The guy is injured 2 straight years now
If Staal's expendable, then so is pretty much every player on the team.

A puck-to-the-eye is a fluke injury and shouldn't be used as a crutch for your failed argument.

The fact that you would move Staal for a pick, says a hell of a lot about your judgement. You're the type of person that would move him for crap, mainly because you think he's overrated. You don't move a player like Staal for an unknown. Only a fool would that.

Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
I keep everyone on the team now except deal Boyle and Pyatt for picks and cap space. Replace then guys in CT

Let gilroy, Hamrlik walk. Maybe resign eminger as 7th d

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
And of course, Torts.

However, I properly mention it here briefly only to that whether he stays or is gone, Torts will not be allowed to screw up a resource as precious as Kreider. Torts will not 'break' Kreider; we will break Torts, or trade Kreider IF there is some inability to get on the same page (don't think there is one if we have enough time for instruction; issue is Torts has the guy looking over his shoulder too much, thinking before he executes plays, to degree it creates delay, which is basis for the inefficient play; this Kreider can overcome w/training).
This asinine logic that's clouded your judgement is sickening. Why have so many young players flourished under Torts? Year after year, he gives the young guys an opportunity to earn a roster spot.

You're so high on Kreider that your pointing your finger at someone undeserving. Point your finger at Kreider. He hasn't proven he deserves to play here consistently. Stop the nonsense about Torts.

Originally Posted by CaliDubiZib View Post
Staal is also the only defender we have that has a shot
Not to mention he was our leading scorer on defense this year before his injury
11 points in 21 games. Staal was looking terrific offensively prior to his injury. So many people on this forum felt Staal had untapped offensive potential and what do you know, it's coming around.

Rangers don't move Staal unless it's a deal that's too good to pass up.

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