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04-07-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by AEM6729 View Post
I care for the reasons you stated, and because I wonder what effect his willingness to leave has on our ability to attract UFAs. We can debate all day whether he wants to be here or not, but if he signed an offer sheet with another team he was definitely at least willing to leave. Other NHL players probably know his intentions better than us. If I was a high-dollar UFA considering Nashville, it might give me pause to know that Suter walked and Weber might not be committed.
When you think of the Avalanche what player do you think of? Sakic, right? He signed an offer sheet many years ago as well. He signed a great deal for him. He would've gone to play for the Rangers if I'm not mistaken. Colorado matched. Did anyone ever question his commitment to Colorado? I'm sure there were some doubters but at the end of the day, he is Mr. Avalanche.

We as a fan base take things personally. What Weber did was business, it wasn't personal. He had an opportunity to sign a once in a lifetime deal. He knew when he signed it he was going to play in one of two places, Philly or Nashville. Why sign a deal like that if you have a chance of playing in a place you either don't like or want to be in? There's tons of speculation on whether or not he's committed to being here. That's all that it is, speculation amongst fans. We are emotionally involved. Take the emotions out and look at the facts. He signed an offer sheet that he knew we could match, we did, he's here long term. Until he comes out and says, I want out, I'm not going to stress about him wanting to be here.

If he really wanted out, why did he sign a 3 year contract a few years back that left him as a RFA? He could've done the same thing Suter did and sign a deal that would've left him an UFA and be gone once his contract was up.

The guy comes to play every night for us. Would I like more emotion, sure but is that him, not so sure. Piss him off and he turns into a beast. That's my only complaint about him. I wish he'd play with an edge more often. Other than that, I'm happy he's here and that every other team in the NHL knows he's here long term.

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