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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
Bryz has to come up with that 4th goal, no doubt.

that said, that wasn't the goal of difference.

it's easier around here to just blame the goalie for the 23rd year in a row, instead of calling out our "heros" for ceasing to compete after the 1st, missing so many chances & nets, not picking up the goal scorer on goal #1 [Harts / Simmer] & getting us into that 1-3 hole as quickly as they did

its easier to put all the blame on goal #4 in a 4-1 loss .....

i didn't see a different team in the 3rd in front of 35, did you ?
shouldn't they all have had the renewed sense of confidence & just blown the Jets away after switching goalies ?

you just knew it was gonna be a miracle if they had scored a 2nd goal.
Dude.. is there anything Bryz could do that would make you change your opinion? I'm genuinely curious, you defend him no matter what.

It's more than whether the goal was entirely his fault, or if the goal mattered in the end. It hurts his confidence, and it sure as hell hurts the little to no confidence the team already has in him. Look at the number of penalties our veterans on defense are taking (kimmo and coburn), mostly because they don't trust Bryz to make a save.. ever. When you can't be confident your goalie will keep you in a game, it's hard to play a motivated and confident game at all.

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