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04-07-2013, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by WakeUpNHL View Post
At the deadline, Marc Bergevin decided that the habs would stand pat and only made minor dman depth move.

With the habs losing Emelin, we are now short a #4 dman and we will have to start playing our inexperienced young dman big minutes.

This habs team has lots of character and Bergevin has done a fantastic job putting this team together... But should Bergevin have spent a 2nd or 3rd round pick to get a solid #4/ #5 experienced dman for the playoffs?
His acquisitions up to the deadline have been great. I have no problems with them.
We talk about the lose of Emelin and the lack of a quality #4 D to replace him in hindsight but that's really unfair.
What do we do if Pleks gets injured and is out for the year? Do we have someone to take over? (Eller isn't quite ready for that yet.).
What do we do if Price goes down for the year? Budaj is an excellent backup but I wouldn't want to go into the playoffs with him as our goalie.
What happens if Subban goes down?
If Markov goes down?
If Patches goes down?
Etc. etc.
We don't have replacements for them.
Is Bergevin supposed to have made trades to make sure 'Everyone' is covered with a replacement? How was he supposed to have known to make a trade for a D in case Emelin goes down?
The answer is he couldn't even if he wanted too.
What he did was pick up some depth in areas where he saw would need help. And he has done a wonderful job at doing so.
You can only bring in players to strengthen your weakness before the trade deadline and then pray to God that you don't have any major injuries to your main core during the playoffs, not bring in players 'just in case' ANY of your healthy core players get hurt. No one has the resources to have a full replacement lineup for all your important players.

So no, it wasn't a mistake not to bring in a replacement #4 D to replace a healthy (before the deadline) Emelin.

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