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04-07-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
Far less then him being called if that is the proof....he is soft.

He is a good offensive player, passing skills and his release are elite, however his inability to play the other 4/5ths of the game is an issue.

He is a defensive liability....he will not take a check to make a play, nor does he attempt to body check to help on the forecheck. He does not block shots as his path to the D man who has the puck is always from the inside ( wall ) to the player, leaving the middle lane wide open .To block a shot you have to get in the shooting lanes. He got praise for attempting to jump out of the way and the puck hit him on here as an example of his shot blocking skills.

He is what he is a one dimensional many dimensions are there when discussing a hockey player?

4 is my answer.
Leadership and intangible skills.
Offensive skills
Physical skills
Defensive skills

Passing and scoring/shooting are both Offensive skills and fall under one dimension.
Agree with you completely.

And to make matters worse, even his offensive skills aren't exactly out of this world. He can skate, shoot and pass really well but relative to the type of player he is (0 physical contact) he has limited creativity/stick-handling/agility on the rush to get separation in order to get a shot off from a dangerous position. I wonder if throughout the stages of his development his speed was enough therefore he never had to develop the other skills.

This lack of dimension in his game is also why he gets in these cold spells, it's not due to bad luck. He doesn't create enough good chances for himself, due to lack of dimension in his offensive arsenal.

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