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04-07-2013, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Man, you are so sensational. His career numbers are above league average and he has 4 workable pitches. Colletti could have traded him a long time ago but he said he wanted injuries to work themselves out. Now he ended up with three pitchers who were angry and needing to be traded in season. The Rockies will get a B level prospect for him. The league will not be colluding against them.
For what he makes, he is not a good pitcher. Never has been since Dusty Baker destroyed his arm.

6.56 K/9 and 4.26 BB/9 is laughably bad. The guy was so damn lucky last year, as evidenced by his 3.61/4.14/4.95 ERA/FIP/xFIP splits.

Don't you think the Dodgers would have traded him straight up for a B-level prospect if there are teams out there offering B-level prospects for Harang? They need prospects more than they need a 37-year-old Ramon Hernandez ( -- 2012 yikes).

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