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04-07-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by setkreiderfree View Post
Actually, I do know that McIlrath will be ready. I said he will be ready next year for sure. I've watched him about 30 times this season. He looks every bit as ready as McDonagh did before he got called up. I compared those 2 at about the same amount of games.

I also was not a big fan of what Kreider did at BC. He was not as productive as he could have been. He is only now beginning to figure out how to play in the AHL. Kreider has a huge advantage that 90% of current speed prospects don't have. He's 225lbs and is a rocket. Big difference stopping guys that fast compared to guys 190 pounds. Kreider will eventually figure things out.

However, the biggest things McIlrath needed to work on were this in this order.

1. Discipline
2. Decision making
3. Using his skating and reach

He skates very well for a big man. However, he lacked the discipline to know when to use his size and hitting ability. He is now playing under control. He has stopped taking dumb penalties. He has learned to simplify his game. Honestly, there is little more a player like McIlrath can learn at the AHL level. He isn't playing against true power forwards down there which will give him a run for his money strength wise. That he will learn in the NHL.

One of the things I've seen on this board is that posters like Sticky make comments when they really haven't seen the player very much. They also don't know a lot about the league the player plays in. The AHL is pretty straight forward with players like McIlrath. At first, the goons all challenge a kid like him and then they did. Then the smaller forwards try to beat you all the time with speed and they tried that. Finally, players try to get under the skin of a player like McIlrath and they tried. Once he figured out how to deal with that, he learned all he can from the AHL.
Nobody is denying his potential. Kreider came up during the FREAKIN nhl playoffs and scored FIVE goals.. he was penciled in.. and rightyfully so because I thought he'd be in our top 6 this year but it didn't happen.

Its never a sure thing. You want to get rid of Stralman and then what if he isn't ready? Stralman is one of the best values in the league at his cap hit.

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