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04-07-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by morecheersmorebeers View Post
The away Gm rule is ********. If someone chooses to set their team to CPU they should 100% be allowed to be played against. None of this last hour crap. I am NEVER on at, what, 7:00. This puts me at a distinct injury disadvantage. If u don't want ppl to play your CPU don't set it. If u do, do set it. That simple. Meanwhile I am never allowed to play a CPU?
So what your saying is that A person works 8am-4pm gets home at 6.. and starts playing nhl at 630. but another person who wont be on at 7 he should be able to play the guys cpu. So the guy at work has to take the loss even tho he is on before the sim..

makes no sense buddy!

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