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Originally Posted by Forgedias View Post
I'm going to chip in here because I think people need to understand and listen to what Marc Bergevin has said all along. He is building for the future for many years to come. I think most of you heard that when he had his news conference at the trade deadline. Those draft picks are precious and he isn't willing to mortgage the club's future by trading them for rentals.

We all know how deep and franchise changing this draft will be. There are already several players we can deem as superstars in the 2013 draft. Last years draft we can't even say that, with Yakupov only doing ok and Galchenyuk having a good year, but probably will not win the Calder. Maybe this might change in the 10 games left, but its safe to say either Huberdeau or maybe Gallagher will win the Calder.

But the 2013 draft is so deep that we are more then likely to see over 40 players that have 1st round grades come into that draft. And with Montreal holding Calgary's 2nd round draft pick, its really another 1st if you consider how badly Calgary is tanking right now. With so many skilled players and players like Droin, Jones, Barkov, Nichushkin and maybe Mckinnon potentially having the superstar tag on them. 2013 is shaping up to be a year where prospects can change the fortunes of a franchise around. There hasn't been a draft this deep and this potentially important in a decade. Bergevin was smart to keep all his high draft picks, he has 4 draft picks in the first 2 rounds, and 6 for the top 90 players. All of these picks can be potentially number one picks since we know from past experience teams will pick quite frequently draft for either need or potential and let round one graded players drop.

For me, this draft is just too important, more important then getting Montreal into the playoffs, because this draft can solidify Montreal for years to come. So I am happy Bergevin didn't get swayed by the public and fork over high draft picks for rentals, because if Pittsburgh was willing to forgo 2 second rounders for a player like Murray, then you know it was going to be expensive to get rentals for the playoffs.

Back to the quote on top, I may be in the minority here, but I think Bergevin did the smart thing when he kept to his guns and got Subban signed to a bridge contract, Many of you are figuring that to resign Subban, its going to cost us even more. I agree it will cost us more. But your forgetting that as an organization Montreal has to show their players that they want them to prove that they are not a one year wonder and should be rewarded for that. How much is the Sabres regretting that ridiculous contract they gave to Tyler Myers. His 6million or so contract is becoming an albatross for their organization. Myers had a great year playing his entry level contract and they rewarded him for that with a massive contract and his play has never returned to those levels after that.

Montreal in turn has rewarded Carey Price and Pacioretty with long term deals that pay them what they deserve. Plekanac as well. Could we have gotten Subban cheaper? Sure, but these bridge contracts help both sides. I think everyone here believes Subban was going to be worth at least 5million and we would of been happy if Subban got that, but Montreal also needs to stabilize their cap. They can't keep rewarding their prospects with big contracts everytime their entry deal is over. That bridge contract is key to Montreal because they have more wiggle room to work out the long term contracts from their older veteran players. Those two years is very helpful in managing their cap situation. Remember our Cap for next year will be around 60million, but the 2015 year, many of our long term contracts with players like Gionta and Markov will be over. In fact we will clear 40million off our cap in 2015. Managing your cap is vital if Montreal is going to stay competitive. 2015 is also the year that Subban will be extended and it will be no surprise to any of us that he will be rewarded. In fact lets just say he will take over Markov's 5.75million cap hit from then on. He will be well worth this.

Looking at what Bergevin has already done this season, he really has knocked it out of the park. He started with the Stellar draft with the pick up of Galchenyuk, hired Michel Therrien which many of us questioned but turned out to be one of the better hires for Montreal in a long time. Traded for Micheal Ryder and traded away an underperforming player in Cole. And picked up Drewskie who is looking like an awesome pick up with Emelin's injury. Drewskie played 23minutes and played very tough agains the Bruins.

My only question mark was signing David Desharnais to a 4year extension. That surprised me, not extending Desharnais, but giving him 4 years. He's an exploitation forward and needs snipers on his wings to be effective. He isn't a top centerman that can play both ends of the rink. He gets exposed when he has to defend against a top line as we saw against the 7-6 loss to Pittsburgh.

In final, for me it doesn't matter how well Montreal does in the playoffs this year. I know that sounds sacrilegious, but for me, its this upcoming draft that is so important. This draft if Bergevin can do his homework will forever change Montreal for many years to come. The 2012-2013 drafts will be franchise changing drafts for Montreal. And that has got me excited like I haven't been for a very long time.
Very nice well thought out post, I agree with most of it. PK's contract is a good one, people bi*ch and moan, but it is exactly what the org. needed. He will get his pay day and I don't begrudge him at all.

I think the DD contract is alright in that it looks good to a trading partner, not saying he will be, but it makes it easier. He is a very useful player but I can't see a team winning a cup with him at center.

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