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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
They don't have the team defense to protect their goalie from seeing a lot of quality shots nor do they have the type of goalie that can win games for them, despite facing a lot of quality shots.

Having said that, this season in particular has had some unique elements that negatively impacted the team. The lockout and related factors, player turnover (Jagr, Carle), dealing with the inconsistency that can come with having young players in the lineup, the injuries, and how that all impacts coaching, chemistry and mental and physical competency, etc.

Bryz doesn't seem to be a guy that can consistently elevate his game to the level needed to sustain that type of situation without cracking. I suppose, not many goalies can. But Bryz is paid a lot, it so the expectations are higher than what he's been able to do so far.

It all points to writing this season off as an abberation.

So, here's my thoughts at this point...fix some obvious holes, remake the D around Schenn, Grossmann and Coburn and at least one top pairing guy who can carry the puck in transition, run a PP and produce... right now, that's only Timonen and he's beat up and likely gone after next season.

Buyout briere, save a buyout so it can be used next year on Bryz if he's not proving to be a guy that can be more counted upon to come up a little bigger, a little more often... sign former flyer draftee, Joacim Eriksson who is more seasoned now and tearing it up in the swedish elite league...get him back into the mix somehow.

Consider making a coaching change a real sea change is needed after season's end; but have someone good and available in mind to replace.

Have a good draft... one of Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin, Nurse please...

Fix that stuff and come back to work next season with a fresh attitude, a chip on the shoulder and something to prove.

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