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From the pre-season standings thread:

Originally Posted by Dekar View Post
Mr. Optimist, checking in:

1) PIT
2) BOS
3) WAS
4) NYR
5) NJD
6) BUF
7) MTL
8) PHI
9) WPG
10) OTT
11) NYI
12) TOR
13) TBL
14) FLA
15) CAR
I'm assuming standings don't change much from this point on.

These teams I was close on:
  • PIT, there's no reason why they shouldn't be leading the league with the players they have, Crosby being healthy has made all the difference in the world. Hope for their sake he and Letang are back and at 100% soon.
  • BOS, the Bruins are a good team, what can you say? But how much their season has hinged on the play of Bergeron (and how much of a game-changer he's been) has been astounding
  • WAS, the Capitals have been underperforming for a few seasons now too since we broke their spirits 3 years ago. I figured it was about time they began stepping it up, and Ovy has been right on time for once.
  • TBL, Stammer and Marty get the same treatment I gave Karlsson and Spezza, only the supporting cast isn't even near as good either, and it's shown so far this season.
  • FLA, sadly, I need not explain this one, you could see last season being an anomaly from a mile away.
  • CAR, another team with a few stars and no supporting cast, OTT has played out of their minds after losing their stars, but TBL and CAR have fallen right into the place that these types of teams tend to.

These teams I was way off on:
  • NYR, thought they'd be a shoe-in for top 4 in the East, slighted only by PIT in their division, but they're currently fighting for a playoff spot
  • NJD, didn't think losing Parise would affect them that much, nor was Brodeur going to have a bad season yet (ever?), but they're on the outside looking in now
  • BUF, thought they'd have a much stronger team, instead they have one of the worst defense corps in the conference
  • MTL, I thought I was being optimistic by putting them in 7th, I really wanted to put them in 5th or 6th since I thought they'd be much better, but holy pleasant surprises, Batman!
  • PHI, I figured they'd be slipping, but I also said they'd be a darkhorse in the playoffs and actually pull an LAK this year, will they even make the playoffs now?
  • OTT, a team with two stars and next to nobody else? Generally doesn't fare well. No wonder they're hanging around. No stars left!
  • NYI, the ISLANDERS are in a playoff spot!? I still dont' understand it.
  • TOR, let's be honest, Toronto's had a good roster for a few seasons now, but they've been full of underperformers and there was no indication that this season should be any different. A healthy Lupul has helped, but that kid can't stay healthy it seems. Kadri has really been their story of the season.

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