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04-07-2013, 01:46 PM
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The way I was taught was going around a faceoff circle backwards.

-Start by skating backwards around the circle.
-Make big C-cuts with your outside leg, while letting the inside left drift. Make sure you're in a hockey stance (knees bent, about shoulder width apart, sitting low). Let the drifting foot just keep tracing around the circle, while all the power is coming from the c-cut.

Now the hard part, but once you get it, it's pretty easy.

-Do a C-cut, but at about the halfway point, you're slowly lifting your foot off the ground, and letting your inside leg drift away from the circle, to the outside. It's not leaving the ground.
-Let your raised outside foot come slowly down, moving it slightly towards the inside of the circle so it crosses over your inside foot that was drifting outside.
-Now that the weight of your outside foot is down, you ARE going to lift up the inside foot, bringing it back in line with the faceoff circle. As soon as it begins drifting, repeat.

That's as best as I can describe it. Once you get better, you'll want to work towards getting some power in it, and getting comfortable going on your outside edge on the inside foot. For now though, try the above steps. There are probably good youtube videos on it too. Hope some of this helps!

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