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04-07-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
Very surprised with Dallman this year. I wasn't expecting such a good season.
By now you should have learned to listen to what I say, it was hardly surprising for me.

Originally Posted by Zine View Post
What you're saying is akin to asking "Who are the best NHLers?", then comparing everybody by their non-NHL performances. You're again skewing the playing field and it's intellectually dishonest. Don't think people can't see through that. At least give the European players proper adjustment time before saying who's better in the N.A. game.

Regardless, Cervenka was one of the (if not the) best players outside NHL last few years.....his play in the NHL doesn't change the fact.
Actually I was commenting on their NHL performances thus far this season. Cervenka may have been one of the best Europeans playing in Europe, but that hardly made him the best player outside of the NHL.

Originally Posted by Zine View Post
His (Evander Kane's) skill set didn't translate very well. He just wasn't very good.
I love this one too. After only 12 games (really only for conditioning) in the KHL you made this assessment of Kane, yet we are 40 games into the NHL season and you are saying it is to early for us to assess the new players from Europe.

Originally Posted by Zine View Post
With rising salaries in Europe, the AHL has evolved into a developmental/transition league filled with younger players. Compared to 10-15 years ago, the veteran career AHLer (who regularly would tear up the league) or the veteran NHL/AHL tweener tends to play in Europe now (boatloads of North Americans included).
It's almost universally agreed upon that AHL is behind the top European leagues.
KHL salaries are a bit misleading. First of all they aren't published so no one knows exactly what they are. Secondly because of the perceived playing and living conditions in Russia most KHL teams would have to vastly overpay to get North Americans to play over there. Thirdly the goal of most players is to reach the NHL and because of that they will stay in the AHL as long as they think they have a shot.

The vast majority of the players in the European leagues are European, yet Europeans only represent approximately 30% of the world's hockey players. If the leagues in Europe had a similar depth you would expect to see around 70% of the players being from NA, which they are still far from. I'm sorry but there just aren't enough Russians playing the game to give the KHL the same average depth as the AHL, the numbers don't lie.

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