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Originally Posted by EZBAKE View Post
You unsurprisingly managed to miss the point completely. I'm fine with watching a non-contender team. I'm watching right now. I'm watching for the progress of Kindl into a top 4 defensemen. I'm watching for Nyquist to show signs of magic. I'm watching to see if Tatar has 25 goal potential. I'm watching to evaluate Dekeyser. I'm watching to hope.

I am not watching in hopes of seeing guys like Sammuelson come back into the lineup. The 5 games of playoffs is not worth setting back the development. Losing with a purpose makes the whole process a lot more stomachable. It's fine if we're not a contender as long as we're taking the steps to become one again. Right now, I'm not sure if the Wings are. In a few years, all these horrific injuries to people like Bertuzzi will be looked at as a blessing in disguise.

I want us to make the playoffs. I'd love it if our young guys came out and showed the Blackhawks whats up in the first round. It probably won't happen though. Adding players like Sammuelson back won't change the outcome, so why not start to move forward.
Even 5 games in the playoffs can be a good learning experience for guys like Lashoff, Dekeyser, Brunner, Smith, Kindl, Andersson...even if Nyquist/Tatar don't play (even though they very well could play...Nyquist did last year but I think someone was injured? Can't remember.).

I would not be surprised if Dekeyser is in the lineup the rest of the season...including the playoffs. He has size and Babs like that.

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