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04-07-2013, 04:20 PM
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Will the habs win the conference? (predict last 10)

habs play:

caps W
sabres W
leafs L
flyers W
pens W
lightning W
caps L
devils W
jets W
leafs W

8-2, is what I see the habs down the stretch, might be different losses, though. 7-1-2 or something...16 points though.

that would give us: 71 pts.

pens play:

canes W
lightning W
panthers W
habs L
bruins L
sabres L
sens W
devils W
canes W

pens go 6-3, for 12 points. I see 3 losses for the pens down the stretch, especially with crosby out and end up with 70.

that said, habs getting 8 wins will be tough and have to beat the pens to have any chance. I have too much time on my hands lately, but I think it'll be tough for the habs to take it home, and will need some major help in doing so. tough schedule/pens the lighter schedule.

The battle for the conference, and the NE division should be as exciting for those teams fighting for those 6/7/8 spots...which, in my opinion, are all available.

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