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04-07-2013, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by BadgersandBlues View Post
I think a team we should target at the draft is Florida. If they decide to keep Weiss, they have Weiss, Huberdeau, and Bjugstad all down the middle. Wonder if we could convince them they need a Winger. After this year they -have- to be in the market for a goalie too.

What about:
Steen+Halak+2nd for Huberdeau or Bjugstad? Or we could throw in Rattie instead of the pick if that's their price. If I'm throwing in Rattie as well I'd push for Huberdeau.

I know people love Steen, and I do too (Usually he's severely underrated) but I think he's the most replaceable guy of our top 6/9, (He doesn't have that "One thing" that someone else doesn't have, Stewart's blend of size/skill, Perron's hands, etc) plus he's UFA after next season, and will likely want a raise into the 4 mil range. He's also one of our older core guys, and probably has maxed out on what he is as a player (Which is really good, but you have to give to get)

If Jaskin is as ready as it sounds like management thinks he is, wouldn't he pretty much make Steen superfluous?

I've watched a bunch of Florida games this year, and Huberdeau is a phenomenally smart hockey player. He can score, but is clearly a playmaker at heart. I watched a bit of U of Minn hockey as well, (like 3 games) and while Bjugstad was really solid for them, he was so much larger then everyone else, it's tough to get a read on what kind of NHL player he might turn into. I'm assuming his ceiling is an even bigger David Backes, perhaps not the guy we want as our #1C

Florida would get a relatively young goalie who has shown he can be a starter in this league and has playoff experience, they would get a really solid prime-aged guy who could be counted on every night, and they would get a prospect who has scorched Canadian Juniors in scoring two straight years.

Say we did pull off that trade for Huberdeau, we would look like:


Reaves, XXX



Perhaps move Stewart and Perron around as well.

We would unload a bunch of salary in Steen and Halak which would also help us keep our financial house in order.

Florida doesn't touch that. They have Markstrom already. He's gonna be a good one. And that package wouldn't get Huberdeau. I'm not totally sold on Bjugstad yet. He'll be a NHLer, but the question is where would he line up. I don't think he will be a number one center. Huberdeau would cost more than we would be willing to give. He's their Tarasenko

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