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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I believe that that doesn't matter, since Baertschi is not a teenage aged player. Despite his 2011 draft year, the fact that he was a late birthday means that this is his 20 year old year anyways. So in reality they are not burning a year, since he only has 7 years of RFA status left.

mouser can you confirm that? Ages is my weakest point of CBA understanding (evidenced by my recent Trouba mistake which mouser pointed out on the Jets forum).
Player age for ELC signing purposes and UFA are defined differently.

Looking through the facts on Baertschi I think this is all correct:
- Born Oct 5th, 1992
- Drafted in 2011, signing shortly after the draft, considered 18 year old signee.
- ELC contract slid in 2011-2012.
- The 2012-2013 season is his 19 year old season, however his ELC contract was not eligible to slide in 2012-2013 due to Baertschi turning 20 between Sep 15th and Dec 31st of 2012.
- Calgary is scheduled to own his rights until either July 1st 2020 (age 27) or he accrues 7 NHL seasons.
- Baertschi could reach 7 accrued seasons by July 1st 2019 if he receives one this season.
- He was on the Calgary NHL roster for 49 days so far during the regular season
* Recalled from AHL on 1/13
* 1/13 to 3/8 -- 22 NHL games
* Sent to AHL on 3/9
* Recalled from AHL again on 4/7

Looks to me if the 23 game accrued season limit is accurate (haven't looked that one up, wasn't in the MOU) then Baertschi will record an accrued NHL season if he's still on the team roster tomorrow afternoon.

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