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04-07-2013, 06:47 PM
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Second night of back to back games...Rangers up by 3 goals most of the game....I have no issues with Boyle playing more than Nash. It's actually quite smart of Torts to get the key guys rest when he can. Also, last night it seemed like the Rangers had a TON of defensive zone faceoffs, and Torts does like having two centers on the ice in the 3rd period for the draws. If the Rangers were losing last night and Boyle played more than Nash you guys would have a point. THIS is nitpicking. We all do it.

On a side note......Boyle has played well of late. At least better than he did earlier in the season. It's nice to see because he works hard. We can't sit here and say he's one of Torts favorites when he is one of the few "vets" that Torts has scratched this season.
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