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04-07-2013, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by DevilChuk View Post
Sorry, meant that you want to extrapolate based on evidence that doesn't necessarily apply while I'm not willing to do so. That's what I was talking about earlier in that paragraph..

Careers aren't static, but they do have plateaus. Somehow, (still waiting to see those stats, Chris Hansen)... Kovalchuk is definitely going to trend downward starting tomorrow..

The poll speaks for itself, honestly.. HF isn't experts but you don't get this lopsided of a poll quite easily around here. Especially when you consider almost all sources of bias (Chicago, American player, more marketed/popular player) favor Kane..
Your insistence on focusing only on Kovalchuk's entire career instead of his recent history is precisely what you claim not to be doing, extrapolating based on evidence that doesn't necessarily apply.

Careers have plateaus, they also have upwards and downwards slopes. I haven't said Kovalchuk is trending down, I've said Kane's offensive game is trending higher than Kovalchuk's, something that the last three years of stats bear out.

Talking about HF poll results as if they indicate anything more than popular opinion. C'mon now.

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