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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
I love how you conveniently leave Galchenyuk off your list for Eller's wingers. Galchenyuk has almost as many points as Eller, Desharnais, and Gallagher.

Also, Gallagher is not a better offensive player than Michael Ryder. Let's be real here.

DD isn't the only one not producing on the powerplay, yet I don't see threads and threads on those players. Why do you hate Desharnais so much when he's signed to such a reasonable contract? Is it just because he's taking ice-time from Eller?

One thing I would be interested in doing is splitting up Desharnais and Pacioretty though. Pacioretty and DD just aren't clicking right now. Usually when that line creates offense, it's DD and Gallagher or Pacioretty and the defense. They are also terrible defensively (all three of them) because they are always too deep.

When Bourque returns, I'd love to see;

Pacioretty - Plekanec - Ryder
Bourque - Desharnais - Gallagher
Galchenyuk - Eller - Gionta
Prust - Halpern - White/Moen

But I guess we'll see.
Such a reasonnable contract?
His contract is no reason to keep him or not IMO.
Gionta as been as bad on the PP and Galchy should have his place, i never said otherwise.

Althought i think that Eller would be better and more useful than Desharnais right now, in the end we talk about Galchenyuk's spot. I'm pretty sure that Eller can produce as much than DD right now, and that would open the door to put Chucky back at center on the 3rd line getting some Ozone start. Long term, it is really important that Galchy get center experience and the advantage DD's line got right now, that's the only way he would get better.

I would agree to leave DD where he is if he was on the pace of a 55-60pts season.
That's what a player with his quality ice-time should get to be effective (at least for a player with no other dimension to his game). But he is not.....and Eller and Galchy are having great season. It's not like we don't have any other option.

With Kristo, Collberg and Hudon now in Hamilton....if we need them.....we should get some size down the middle AND on the other wing to help them blossom.

You've made a's another one:

Bourque - Plekanec - Ryder (2-way line, can be put in any type of situation)
Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Gallagher (Offensive line, Ozone start and PP specialist)
Prust - Eller - Gionta/Collberg (2 way-line, grit and offensive output, can be put in any type of situation)

Only one small player a line.
6 players of our top 9 over 6'
Finally some size down the middle.
Plus these 3 centers for less than 10 millions combines.
Best offensive player on the offensive line
2 great 2-way line.
If Collberg or Kristo is ready, we can put them on any of these line without making it a too small line.

Tell me.....would this kind of line-up be a problem?
IMO, this is a line-up who cannot be just great, but totally dominating.
And Finally, the smurf era will finally comes to an end.

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