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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I may be wrong here but if he gets a compliance buy-out he gets all the remaining money on his contract and the Flyers don't get his salary caphit counted anymore. Since the Flyers are a wealthy franchise could they just pay Bryz off the entire remaining money up front? Does it have to be paid year by year until the contract is up?

Anyway if Bryz gets bought-out I honestly can't see him playing in the NHL after that. I think he heads back home to the KHL. He was considering it before he signed with the Flyers, probably more of leverage move but with Russian players you can never count out the KHL as an option. He'll be a rich man when you add that money on top of the money he stole from the Flyers.
Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
Assuming the flyers keep him for one more season, he will have received almost half his contract by the end of next season.

24.5 million.

The balance of the contract is: 26.5 million over 6 years.
1/3 of that (the amount he loses by getting bought out) = 8.8 million.
So to replace that lost income, he has to get a 1.5 mil / year contract.

I don't see any incentive to not get bought out here.
Whatever the case may be, I think it's silly to suggest there's no pressure on him to perform. It's clear that he cares and, if nothing else, he's putting the pressure on himself. The "will-I-be-able-to-survive" pressure might not be there, but that doesn't mean he's carelessly going about his business.

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