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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post

The Zubov, Vasiliev,Savard example is an indication of that and others have noted that the early 70's has a higher amount of players in the top 60 project than one might expect over a period of 100 years.
All you have to do is prove that any of those guys from the 70's don't belong in the Top 60.
Considering 9 of them are in the top 40 let alone the top 60 and 4 of them are in the top 11, I say good luck to you.
Hitching your horse to Zubov for this argument doesn't help either. He barely gets into the top 20 offensively and I wouldn't put him in the top 120 defensively all-time.
So maybe he balances out enough to squeak into the top 70 but I certainly have no issue what so ever leaving him out of the top 60.

The amount of top talent at a certain position varies greatly through time.
There is no set amount that there should or shouldn't be at any given time.

Part of the problem as I see it, is that we are still in the early stages of the fully integrated league, since around 95, and as more time passes we might get a different perspective on things. Or maybe not who knows.
This integrated league of yours started in the 70's and was complete by '91 NOT '95!
What's more is that it was even more jam packed in '91 than it was in '95.
22 teams in '92
26 teams in '95

I ask you again, if the best talent was already in the league by '92, who filled those 100 or so spots that 4 more teams opened up, let alone the 200+ that 8 more teams did?
Aside from the draft, there was a miniscule amount of tier I players added. By FAAAAARRRR it was mostly Tier IV's and Tier III's with some Tier II's that were viewed as deficient in some way (bad skaters, too small, bad additude ect).

Make a list with all the undrafted Tier I players that came into the league after '90.
The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is Martin St. Louis.

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