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04-07-2013, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
Looking at RFA's players I think we will target with one of the late firsts
Runblad,Cole,McDonagh (pipe dream)
Rundblad doesn't have much of a defensive game to speak of. Cole doesn't make sense, especially for the St.Louis first. If the Flames had wanted him, they could have likely had him instead of the first rounder. And Sather would ask for the Flames own first rounder in a potential deal with McDonaugh. It is a pipe dream.

On that line of thinking though, if the Flames are delusional enough to think they can actually be competitive next season, maybe they decide to offer sheet a RFA defensemen like McDonaugh or Pietrangelo after the 2013 draft if they're still unsigned. They would using 2014 picks in that scenario.
Originally Posted by herashak View Post
If we could trade backlund to move from 18th to around 10 would you do it?
Depends on who's available but most likely not. Flame fans are far too eager to give up on prospects at the first sign of trouble. You already see Baertschi as potential trade bait now in more than a few proposals, while just a few months ago, he was pretty much untouchable. Fans need to understand that growth isn't always linear.

And with regards to the too many centremen down the road, a) talk about jumping the guy, and b) the Flames could always just move a centremen to the wing, like the Kings did with Carter or the Bruins with Seguin.

Originally Posted by FLAMES666 View Post
Agree about Backlunds injury problems though, guy is so soft.
Backlund is a natural centermen and he isn't soft. Maybe you're just confusing injury prone with soft, but they're not the same. Yesterday, Backlund goes into the corner and gets nailed by a Canuck player. What does he do? He gets right back up, slams the guy the guy that hit him into the boards, and then proceeds to hit the next Canucks also battling in that corner. That's not soft.

And whole panic over him being injury prone seems incredibly overstated. He's had some bad luck, but it's way too premature to label him as injury prone. And the amount of jump and promise he's shown this season are worth far more than whatever the Flames could receive in trade for him.

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