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Originally Posted by Amazing Kreiderman View Post
Really? Have you seen the Rangers play before 2011?

In 2011 we finished 8th with players like McCabe, Drury, Christensen, Rozsival, Frolov, Wolski, White.

In 2010 we missed the play offs (9th) with players like Kotalik, Lisin, Higgings, Voros, Shelley, Brashear, Sanguinetti and the invincible Redden

I can go back even further, but I think the best way to judge this is to look at the number of shots Lundqvist faced.

Richter had Save percentages of:
.901 (1205 SA in 41G, 29,3 SA/G)
.886 (1180 SA in 38G, 31,0 SA/G)
.910 (1758 SA in 68G, 25,8 SA/G)
.890 ( 884 SA in 35G, 25,3 SA/G)
.912 (1221 SA in 41G, 29,8 SA/G)
.917 (1945 SA in 61G, 31,9 SA/G)
.903 (2072 SA in 72G, 28,7 SA/G)

Lundqvist had Save percentages of:
.922 (1485 SA in 53G, 28,0 SA/G)
.917 (1927 SA in 70G, 27,5 SA/G)
.912 (1823 SA in 72G, 25,3 SA/G)
.916 (2007 SA in 70G, 28,6 SA/G)
.921 (2109 SA in 73G, 28,9 SA/G)
.923 (1965 SA in 68G, 28,9 SA/G)
.930 (1753 SA in 62G, 28,3 SA/G)

These are just random seasons. The Richter stats include 1994 and 1997, the Lundqvist of course includes the Conference final season of last year so no bias in these stats. While the shots against were a little higher for Richter, Lundqvist has a far superior save percentage. Lundqvist has almost twice as many shutouts (41) compared to Richter (24) while playing less games. Lundqvist has played 468 (55 play off matches), Richter has 666 (76 play off matches).

Lundqvist had a better team than Richter? Richter won 10 series during the play-offs, Lundqvist only 4. I think Lundqvist is the better goalie, with worse teams in front of him. He only had 2 good teams in front of him. 1 being the Jagr-team, the other being last season, while Richter had several seasons of guys like Messier, Gretzky, Leetch, Kovalev and many other players who performed well in the Big Apple.
I don't think it's really fair to compare SV% and use that as the main basis. I do think Hank is the better goalie for the record, but this is a different time and the game is different now. Back then SV%'s were lower,just being around .900 was awesome and back then any GAA around 3 or under was considered great.

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