Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs win 2-1 despite Chara diving
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04-07-2013, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Colt.45Orr View Post
Still, I've seen Chara lose balance or spin himself into the ice too many times to make the same assumptions that are being made here. If it was Marchand I would assume the worst.
Thing is, that's not a reason either. We have seen Subban falls too many times as well. Yet, my Bruins friends will tell me that he embellished or dove EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have no doubt that players falls. No doubt that even a big player like Chara would fall. But the way he did? Sorry, it makes it look like he embellished. Did he really? Nobody will ever know but you know what...that's almost exactly the case for EVERY time we're calling, on our coach, for a dive or an embellishment. We are not there. We don't know for a fact. The head snapping becaues of a high stick...embellishment or just pure instant reaction? It's always about what we think.

Again, don't fault habs fans for being on his case. Fault your own coach, who, by the way, I think is great for you. But he crossed the line there. Keeps syaing that embellishment and diving isn't helping the referees' work yet...keeps whining and badmouthing them....He's not helping his cause.

Hockey is a sport so fast, that sometimes, you might need an embellishment to make it clear for referees who's more often than not won't call a penalty if it's not decisive towards a certain play. If Chara doesn't fall, there might be no penalty. Chara falls, here's the penalty. He doesn't remove the fact that Eller should have been penalized, you don't hold anybody's jersey like that. But based on Julien's comment...Chara laughed at the officials. Or so we think. And we mostly think it because of Julien's comments.

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