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04-07-2013, 10:26 PM
Scandale du Jour
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+ Had fun with two friends watching the show.
+ Taker vs Punk was a very entertaining match.
+ The Shield won and will continue to progress.
+ Didn't have to watch Albert and Brodus Clay at WM.

- The main even was complete and uter garbage. THEY SHOOK HANDS GOD DAMN IT!
- HHH vs Lesnar wasn't very good and HHH won for no good reason at all. Where will they go with Lesnar next?
- Would have liked to see Big E and Ziggy win the TT titles.

Now, just watch the Shield attack Cena during his promo tomorrow night only to have The Rock save him and then, the two of them will bury the Shield at ER and we will be left with no good angles at all.

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