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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
Complete garbage. Was Gauthier really forced to have Enqvist center the 4th line while letting Halpern walk? Was he really forced to trade Spacek for Kaberle? How about signing Chirs Campoli? Was he forced to trade decent picks for guys who never played in the NHL a year later like Sopel and Mara? Was he forced into giving Cole a laughable contract? He was a terrible GM and his egomaniacal problem of controlling everything and being so bloody secretive caused the team to spiral downwards.

Gainey wasn't great, but at least the respect of the organization was in tact during his tenure. Gauthier completely changed that in such a short period.

Bergevin has shown us what a smart GM is capable of. That Cole contract that was terrible was traded away quickly. He has been completely open with the media and fans and so has the organization. He has restored the terrible PR hit that Gauthier created. Players along with staff are no longer afraid to talk.

As far as the core and the draftpicks. He got Eller and who else? He traded away picks for Mara, Sopel, Moore, Wiz, Noikelinen, what on earth are you talking about? Trading away Gill, AK and Cam for picks is not something I'd call "pile of draft picks"

If anything. Gainey and Timmins left MB with an excellent core and picks.
How did signing Chris Campoli hurt us? It cost us nothing and provided basically nothing. Who cares? Same goes for Kaberle, he took a risk and it didn't work out but what has it really cost us?

He traded a 4th and a 5th round pick for Mara & Sopel, since when are those decent picks? The half a season we got from them probably more NHL games then we would have gotten from whoever we would've drafted.

Cole more than lived up to his contract in the first year, and then we traded him for our current leading scorer and a pick. I'm not sure why that's laughable.

For all the picks he traded away for rentals, he reacquired those picks last year so it's basically a wash.

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