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04-07-2013, 11:36 PM
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The hard part of wrestling today is being surprised and seeing something new. That's why it's rare to love a PPV. I thought this was a good 7/10 Wrestlemania. Worth the money. Here is a small breakdown:

Best of the night:
- Taker vs. Punk was ****ing awesome. The character of Punk was written well into the match. He was cocky by slapping and defying Taker. He showed he wasn't scared of the streak. Taker sold it by being pissed off and threw the ref away a few times and looked frazzled.

I pray to God I see some real exclusive backstage stuff of people praising this match. It's what wrestling is ALL about.

- Also huge props to The Shield for starting the night off the way it should be. A clean win and a very important one. Great stuff.

The Meh Group
- Even though we knew the ending to Cena/Rock, it should have ended with Cena out-smarting Rock. The extra counters sort of sucked. They also NEVER should have shook hands. That was even part of the promo from Rock! Okay match... but Cena/Punk shows us just how damn good Cena can be. Rock can barely go anymore and looks slow as hell. It slowed everything down.

- HHH/Brock: Wish Brock would have won. Don't see the reason for him losing in general. But it was a damn physical match. I loved the 3 time reversal for each guy on the submission. Thought that was cool.

Biggest Letdown

- World Champion means NOTHING right now. Swagger and Del Rio failed to live up to anything. This was the night for Dolph to take over and they let it slip by. It's his gimmick to STEAL THE SHOW. On the back of his pants read "My Time". I'm guessing we see it tomorrow as the Raw after WM always gives us a HUGE moment. But man oh man what a ****ing joke. A cash-in at Wrestlemania! That would have been huge.

The match sucked. Zeb was the only interesting thing the entire feud. Zeb deserves an A+ and the rest deserve to be laid off for all it matters. What a joke.

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