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Originally Posted by Lifeline View Post
If I'm a team like Boston who wants to compete and maybe add some secondary scoring then I think yeah why not give a late first for a player like Tanguay. I'll admit I thought the Columbus trade was a bit iffy in terms of where Columbus is but it seems to me they want to compete for a playoff spot next year, otherwise what's the point of acquiring Gaborik who is 31?
The problem with Cammalleri is twofold. For one, his cap hit of 6M is awfully high for a season where the cap goes down by 6M. Secondly, his actual salary of 7M will put off a lot of potential buyers as well.

Now, if the Flames were willing to retain some of his salary, they might be able to garner a first. But if they weren't willing to do it with Bouwmeester, they won't do it with Cammalleri.

With regards to Roy, I thought the 6M was a bit of an over payment, I guess I was wrong there. I think Calgary will go hard at one of the centers out there this FA and I could see us over paying to get one of them and honestly I wouldn't blame them.
If any of Weiss, Ribeiro or Roy come to Calgary, I'll be surprised if it's for less than 6M per season. The only way they might be is if the contract's for 6 or more years. The Flames, as an organization just about to enter the beginning of what could be a lengthy rebuild, won't be an attractive destination for any quality free agents. The only thing they can offer is money, which they'll have to offer a lot of to convince free agents with options to come here.

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