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04-08-2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I'm not a regular viewer (used to be) but a bunch of us get together and order the Rumble and Wrestlemania...

I thought it was terrible. Didn't have any of that "Wrestlemania aura" that WM's usually have. It felt like an above-average Raw, to be honest. That's what happens when your 3 biggest matches (HHH/Brock, Taker/Punk, Cena/Rock) are no brainers.

Cena/Taker was a great bout, that was about it. I was shocked at how awful the main event was. Four clotheslines, 15 minutes of rest holds, and 15 minutes of finishers/reversals/finishers? Solid booking.
Same story for me. A bunch of my friends all got together and watched it, didn't even buy it just streamed it. It was terrible. IMO it lacked passion HARD, I remember being at WM 18 and every match was very good and had a nice build up. Even the main event was terrible, and nothing exciting outside of the match itself. I really hope it wasn't Rock's last match.

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