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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I think people need to relax on saying it was terrible. I don't understand how you can say that when The Shield continues to dominate and Punk/Taker put on a ****ing awesome match. We have been spoiled by Taker's streak and recent matches. They are just amazing. They always surpass the hype which is almost impossible. But it does. Every single time.

Sure - we are all bored of Cena. I get it. Enough people have stopped watching the program already as it is. We had like a 14.0 combined market share of wrestling in it's glory days. Now we are amazed at like a 4. So... nothing will change there. Just stop watching it if that's the case. Or, be a kid again and try to enjoy it for what it is.
Because not everybody are Shield marks and/or are sick of what they've been doing for the past 6 months. I am in the latter. I want to like The Shield, but they bore me tremendously right now and I couldn't have cared less about their match.

The show sucked for what it was supposed to be. This show deserved to be in Nassau Memorial with a PPV called "Re-Match", not at MetLife for what is our "SuperBowl"

If this was your May or June PPV, then it was good. However: this is WrestleMania.

This WrestleMania was like the Denver/Atlanta SuperBowl: Enjoyable for Bronco marks, but for the rest? It was lame and not entertaining.

Did people get their hopes up for Cena heel turns, a Streak ending, and Ziggler cash-ins? Yes they did. However, that doesn't stop this from being a 1 match show with Undertaker/Punk where everything else was average-to-well below average.

Look at the card. This show was predictable 1-8. When the biggest surprises are Mark Henry winning in a midcard match and an 8 man tag getting bumped... you know there are problems creatively. Too boot, 1 match delivered that MOTN performance. The others will be forgotten by Tuesday.

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