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12-28-2003, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
If the Flames make the playoffs this season (which is still debatable, 4 team's are 3 points or less away) they aren't really stong enough YET to go very far, do you really thing they could beat the Avs, Canucks or Wings in a 7 game series?. Which is why rumors abou Igilna being traded keep popping up, if they had a chance of going anywhere once in the palyoffs there wouldn't be rumors about them trading their star player. They do have a good group of prospects who will help turn that team into a contender in a couple years, and Steen would really help that team succeed.

Are leafs going any far???
haha , with the D they have making 2nd round would be a success to them. Hnestly. Look at cup winners lately. Lidstrom ,Chelios ,Niedermayer ,Stevens,Blake ,Foote on those rosters. With bunch that leafs have on they D they aint going anywhere ,sorry but thats my opinion. even 2 Iginlas wont help them.
Oh and I will say it again Iginla wont be traded for unproven prospect )Steen), Leafs have NO assets that Sutter would want in return for Jarome ( kaberle is nice but we dont need much help on D., we could use young PROVEn forwards ,but Leafs dont have those) In fact Im very confident that Iginla wont be moved any time soon ,unless offer will be too sweet to refuse.

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